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CCTV Camera Dealers in Chandigarh | Call 9856998669
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Transform Your Safety with AI Security Systems
We offer AI security solutions for commercial, residential, and other clients, along with the most extensive selection of security cameras as well as alarm system installation, Fire detection, Access control, etc.

All-in-one AI Solutions For Modern Security Systems

At iGeniee, we are a leader in providing all-in-one AI enabled security solutions specifically tailored to modern security systems used in businesses and homes across India. Our system integrates cutting-edge AI algorithms to offer smooth security operations, ranging from monitoring in real-time to access control and intrusion detection.

We have designed our systems to be easy to use and allow anyone to manage their security efficiently and easily. Harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence helps to increase the efficiency of security measures, decreases the time needed to respond to threats, and provides the ability to predict security breaches, providing security for customers.

More Protection With Monitoring:
Smart Home Security
Doorbell Video Cameras
Professional Installation
Burglary Sensor Detection
In Home Consultation
24/7 Alarm Monitoring
CCTV Installation Services By iGeniee
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Secure Your Home & Business With iGeniee

Security systems will not only reduce the chance of crimes occurring at your home and business, but they can also decrease all liability that could fall on you if you prove that you have a solid residential & commercial security systems.
Find peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring
AI Security Surveillance Systems For Business And Home
From detecting suspicious activities using advanced video analytics to providing immediate alerts to home owners and businesses. Our systems are built to be user-friendly and intuitive. With iGeniee you can be at ease knowing that your home is monitored and secured throughout the day. You can rest assured that you've got a trusted security partner thanks to iGeniee's intelligent and flexible AI-based surveillance solutions.
As the leader in home security, we can help you customize a home security system to meet your safety needs. Schedule A Visit
Find Peace Of Mind With iGeniee Concepts Smart Home Security System

Experience 24/7 Integrated Security Solutions & Remote Monitoring System

Total Control Over Securing Your Business
State-of-the-Art Face and Pose Detection Technology
Our state-of-the-art AI technology carefully examines customer behavior, quickly identifying possible instances of theft before they occur. Through immediate notifications, employees can act quickly, reducing losses and maintaining a secure setting for all. By seamlessly connecting with additional security measures, iGeniee Concepts offers thorough safeguarding, granting you security and conserving your valuables.

Stay ahead of threats with our innovative solution! Our cutting-edge AI system utilizes advanced technology to instantly recognize individuals by comparing facial images obtained from cameras with a police database and expert surveillance.
Access control systems - Fire detection alarms
Critical equipment condition monitoring systems
Video surveillance systems - Carbon sensors
CCTV Installation Services By iGeniee
Protect Your Home!

All The Essentials To Help Give You Peace Of Mind.

Easy to setup and use
Environmental Sensorss
Touch Screen Panel
CCTV Installation Services By iGeniee
Just Don’t Worry.

We Take Care Of Everything For Your Home!

Face Detection
Motion Detection
4k Color Vision
Convenient System Access By Phone Or Tablet
Real-Time Warning System for Immediate Police Action
Our innovative solution revolutionizes policing by automating labor-intensive tasks, giving officers more time for crucial activities. By rapidly capturing criminals and solving previously undetected crimes, it ensures a safer community for everyone. Consequently, in the event of a theft, our system equips them with precise details to take immediate action.

But that's not all – our system goes beyond mere crime detection. It streamlines the entire investigative process, from auditing bodycam footage to standardizing report writing and extracting evidence from various sources. With its advanced capabilities, it identifies patterns and links in evidence, providing invaluable insights to law enforcement.

Our Real-Time Warning System is more than just a crime-fighting tool - it helps police departments be proactive in preventing crime and ensuring community safety.
iGeniee Concepts delivers top-notch home security solutions with cutting-edge technology, personalized service, and reliable equipment. Their user-friendly app allows remote monitoring for peace of mind. With exceptional customer support, they ensure your home and loved ones are always protected.
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Customized Solutions For Your Security Priorities
Comprehensive AI-Powered Intrusion Detection System
Protect your business from expensive break-ins by enhancing your security with iGeniee Concepts Solutions. Our intrusion detection system integrates artificial intelligence, video analytics, and a user-friendly entry system through a mobile app, revolutionizing enterprise security.

With the iGeniee Concepts solution, you can constantly monitor live video feeds and utilize state-of-the-art AI algorithms to identify any suspicious behavior or potential security breaches. This system ensures a greater level of precision throughout your entire facility or enterprise, serving as a reliable guardian for safeguarding your assets 24/7.
Our team can also provide security integration services for highly complex
facilities and offer preventative maintenance plans. Contact Us Now!
CCTV Installation Services By iGeniee

Save Money, Reduce Hassle and Get More. Trust iGeniee to Protect Your Home & ,Business.

Whether it's securing large enterprises or local businesses, we offer a range of security platforms. From basic camera setups for small offices to sophisticated video systems for sprawling campuses, we cater to diverse security needs.

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For Security and IT directors safeguarding our workplaces and recreational spaces. For Chief Technology Officers sculpting the future of smart businesses. We offer robust, insightful security solutions empowering guardians to forge ahead.

In a world of complexity, mere solutions for today's challenges aren't sufficient; we must also prepare for tomorrow's opportunities. We comprehend this, and we stand ready.

Provide better security and control for residential and business customers. Compare Security Options!

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    Feel secure with iGeniee Concepts' innovative security solutions! Whether it's AI surveillance systems for homes and businesses or top-notch theft detection technology, we have everything you need.

    Our instant alert system guarantees swift police response, and our all-encompassing intrusion detection system provides round-the-clock protection. Count on iGeniee for dependable security solutions that prioritize your safety day and night!
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