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At iGeniee, we excel in the installation & maintenance of cutting-edge access control technologies. With extensive experience serving clients across all sectors of commerce, we have successfully executed projects of varying scales, ranging from single control point solutions to sophisticated multi-entry role-based access control systems integrated with central monitoring stations.

Our portfolio includes the implementation of commercial building entry systems for prestigious institutions such as hospitals, hotels, and corporate facilities. Furthermore, our expertise extends to the seamless integration of gate access control systems across global organizations, facilitating centralized control and management.

No matter the complexity or size of your commercial property, iGeniee has the expertise needed to protect your business interests effectively.

iGeniee’s access control systems enable businesses to maintain precise control over entry to their premises, allowing only authorized individuals to gain access. This is achieved through advanced identification technologies like cards, keypads, biometric data, and authentication techniques.

Crucially, access control systems serve as indispensable security measures for office buildings and commercial establishments, providing a comprehensive audit trail that enables businesses to monitor entry times and personnel movements. 

This robust feature helps detect any unusual activities, as every access attempt is carefully logged and documented. Additionally, these systems seamlessly integrate with other security measures like CCTV video surveillance, intrusion alarms, and fire safety systems, strengthening the overall security infrastructure. Businesses can improve security by utilizing iGeniee’s commercial access control systems, which offer control over entry points and peace of mind.

Key Benefits Of iGeniee Access Control System

Our access control system can bring lots of benefits to your business or place, like better security, ease, following rules, saving money, and feeling relaxed.

Here are a few reasons why having an iGeniee access control and door entry system is a good idea for your business or place:

iGeniee access control systems offer A-1 security compared to regular locks. These can be set up to let only the right people into specific areas and keep track of who comes and goes. This helps stop unauthorized access and can discourage theft or other crimes.
Access control systems are way easier to handle, especially for big places, than traditional keys. Instead of dealing with lots of keys for every door, these systems let you manage access from one place. Plus, adding or removing access for employees or visitors is a breeze.
Some industries, like healthcare or data centers, have to use access control systems by law. These systems help make sure your business follows the rules and standards that matter.
Over time, these systems save money by reducing the need to change locks or replace lost keys. They also lower the chances of theft or damage, meaning fewer expensive insurance claims.
Knowing that your business or place is safe and protected can help you and your employees feel more relaxed. iGeniee's access control systems help prevent security problems and keep a record of who comes and goes, which can be helpful if something happens.

Statistics of Our Marvellous Access Control Systems

iGeniee's cutting-edge access control systems are designed to meet your company's security needs while optimizing efficiency. Studies show a significant reduction in security breaches by up to 70%. Experience up to a 50% increase in employee productivity through streamlined access processes. Businesses save up to 30% on security-related expenses within the first year of implementation.

Streamline access permission management, saving 80% of your time and empowering employees to concentrate on their primary duties. Attain a compliance rate of up to 90% with industry regulations, mitigating legal risks and penalties. Tailored options ensure up to a 95% satisfaction rate among clients, meeting unique security needs.

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The iGeniee Promise – Making Safe Spaces

Ensure Your Space Stays Secure By Keeping Unauthorized Individuals Out

Smooth operation from visitor management to staff supervision
Seamless Integration: Hybrid Access Control Solutions
Our hybrid access control solutions seamlessly integrate with a building's existing security and safety systems, ensuring a cohesive and auditable process from visitor management through to staff supervision. Whether it's handling visitors via video entry systems or integrating with HR for staff management schemes, our solutions provide a unified approach to access control.
Choose from card or fob systems, RFID technology, smart solutions, and more for versatile access options.
Ensure security with various authentication methods like codes, passwords, and biometrics such as fingerprints or facial recognition.
From design to installation, our team offers comprehensive access control solutions tailored to your needs, available nationwide.
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Enhancing Accessibility with Contactless Entry and Energy Efficiency
Effortless Accessibility: Hybrid Auto Doors
Hybrid auto doors offer a seamless solution for accessibility, providing safe and contactless entry and exit while delivering energy efficiency savings. Our fully or hybrid automatic options can be seamlessly integrated with access control systems, ensuring comprehensive functionality and practicality for users of all needs.
Hybrid Auto Doors exceeded my expectations! Their seamless integration of automatic and manual functionality is a game-changer. I feel safer and more efficient every time I enter. Highly recommended!
Yusuf Hashmi
Experience seamless management effortlessly secure, convenient, and versatile solutions for your storage needs
Smart Access Control Lockers: Secure, Convenient, and Versatile
Our access control lockers feature standalone control modules within the electric lock system, coupled with a centralized control system for seamless management.

Easy to access and install, the standalone modules offer convenience, while the control system enables user management, log viewing, and time scheduling. Utilizing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, these lockers offer several benefits, including offline access via Bluetooth and remote accessibility via desktop or mobile devices.

With RFID technology and keypad systems, users can control access permissions and manage locker usage conveniently through computer software integration.
Our team can also provide security integration services for highly complex facilities and offer preventative maintenance plans. Contact Us Now!
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