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Installing CCTV surveillance cameras in your home and office has many benefits for keeping your property safe. come with face-detection features that can help the police quickly identify and catch thieves.

Tailored Solutions For Your Security Priorities

We will design, install, and upgrade solutions to meet business specific needs and budgets from large.

Residential & Commercial Security Camera & Video Surveillance Installation Services

iGeniee is your trusted dealer for CCTV installation services in India. We only work with reliable brands like Sony, Samsung Panasonic, Hikvision Vantage CP Plus, and Dahua. Our comprehensive range of CCTV surveillance camera systems makes ensuring the safety of you, your family, your property, and your business easier and more effective. Whether you are looking for home or business surveillance solutions, the team of experts at iGeniee is here to help you at every stage, from choosing the right system to installing it at your doorstep.

Types of CCTV Cameras We Offer

  1. Dome CCTV Cameras – These cameras are ideal for indoor installation and provide a discreet security solution that blends in with your décor.
  1. Bullet CCTV cameras – Bullet cameras are perfect for outdoor use and have a long-range and robust design that can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  1. Wireless CCTV cameras – Offering flexibility and ease of use, iGeniee’s wireless AI cameras are easy to install without requiring extensive cabling.
  1. PTZ CCTV cameras – The pan, tilt, and zoom functions provide comprehensive coverage and control, making these cameras ideal for large areas that require extensive monitoring.

Key Features of iGeniee AI CCTV Cameras

Installing a CCTV camera is not just for monitoring potential thieves and intruders. It also provides important evidence in case there is ever a security issue. In businesses, CCTV cameras help monitor work processes and maintain safety standards. Homeowners offer peace of mind by watching their property and loved ones.

Experience crystal clear HD video quality with iGeniee's AI-powered Wifi CCTV cameras, ensuring you precisely capture every detail.
Monitor your property from anywhere with your smartphone. Mobile viewing keeps you connected and in control while on the go.
Our experts have undertaken system projects of all sizes and scopes, whether you need security system integration for your corporate office or retail store.
Talk to your loved ones or scare off intruders with the two-way audio function. You can easily communicate via the built-in speaker and microphone.
Receive instant notifications on your phone when motion is detected so you're always informed. Stay alert at all times with this feature.
The iGenee CCTV camera integrates cutting-edge face detection technology, offering unparalleled security by accurately identifying individuals in real time. Designed for both commercial and residential use, this advanced system enhances safety by alerting you to unauthorized access or familiar visitors. With its high-resolution imagery and swift processing, the iGenee CCTV ensures you never miss critical details, making it an essential tool for modern security needs and helping to police for immediate action.

Our CCTV installation Process

1. Consultation - We first offer you a free meeting at your place. We'll take a look at your home and discuss what security you need.

2. Customized planning - Each CCTV camera installation plan is tailored to the customer's requirements. We ensure optimal camera placement to provide comprehensive surveillance of your property.

3. Efficient installation - Our experienced technicians do the installation with minimal disruption to your daily activities.

4. System Configuration and Testing - After installation, we set up the CCTV system to work perfectly and test it thoroughly to ensure everything runs smoothly.

5. Training and Support - Your satisfaction is our priority, so iGeniee's experts will provide you with comprehensive guidance on how to use your new CCTV system.

Customized Palnning
Efficient installation
System Testing
Training & Support
Find Peace Of Mind With Smart Home Security System

Choose iGeniee For Integrated CCTV Solutions & Remote Monitoring System

Total Control Over Securing Your Business
Quality Service For Superior Results
Secure your property by strategically placing surveillance cameras around your home. Our team guarantees constant monitoring of all activities inside and outside your residence. Reach out now to arrange your home security camera and Video surveillance setup.
Crystal-Clear Image and Video Clarity
24/7 Remote Monitoring from your smartphone or computer.
Integrated Security Solutions - Easily connect with existing alarm systems, fire monitoring
Complete Property Protection - iGeniee CCTV camera systems provide full coverage indoors and outdoors, leaving no blind spots on your premises.
Professional Setup and Assistance - Our skilled technicians handle installation with precision, guaranteeing seamless operation.
Protect Your Home
Protect Your Property!

All The Essentials To Help Give You Peace Of Mind.

Easy to setup and use
Environmental Sensorss
Touch Screen Panel
Emergency notification
Just Don’t Worry.

We Take Care Of Everything For Your Property!

Emergency notification
Smart elevator controls
And much more
Convenient System Access By Phone Or Tablet
Protect Your Property With iGeniee Security's Advanced Video Surveillance Systems
iGeniee is India’s premier choice for top-tier security camera installations, providing to both residential and commercial sectors. Explore iGeniee's AI surveillance system's extensive range of high-definition (HD) and internet protocol (IP) cameras ensuring comprehensive surveillance coverage, and empowering you with peace of mind and complete control.

Our user-friendly surveillance cameras seamlessly integrate with mobile apps, granting you remote control via your smart device. Receive instant push notifications for power disruptions or motion detection, keeping you constantly updated on your property's status.

For a dependable and efficient surveillance solution, trust iGeniee Security. Connect with us today to explore our security cameras and safeguard your home or business.
iGeniee Security's camera installation service is top-notch. Their HD cameras offer complete coverage, and the mobile app integration is convenient. Automatic notifications keep me updated on any activity. Highly recommend for reliable home security.
Pawan Kumar Singh
Tailored Solutions For Your Security Priorities
Solutions That Reduce Cost & Increase Business Efficiency
Recognizing diverse security needs? No look other than iGeniee, we have techniques for personalized CCTV surveillance systems. We assess various factors to ensure utmost security:

✔ Night vision necessity ✔ Pan, tilt, zoom capabilities ✔ Resistance to reflection and glare ✔ Vandal-resistant design ✔ Indoor/outdoor camera combination ✔ Local or dispersed recording for enhanced security ✔ Facial recognition and analytics integration

Trust iGeniee for a custom-made security solution tailored to your specific requirements.
Our team can also provide security integration services for highly complex facilities and offer preventative maintenance plans. Contact Us Now!
Tailored Solutions For Your Security Priorities

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Our security camera systems offer the assurance and safety you need for your home or office, ensuring peace of mind. Contact Us Today!

Stay Alert with Our Video Surveillance Solutions!

Installing advanced commercial building security systems not only lowers the chance of criminal activities on your property but also minimizes your liability by demonstrating that you have reliable, well-structured protections in place.

Preventive Measures, Peaceful Living: Choose iGeniee Home and Business Alarm Systems!

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