Understanding Different Types of CCTV Cameras: A Comprehensive Guide

Want to keep your house or store safe? Grown-ups use special cameras to help! These cameras come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and it can be confusing to pick the right one. But don’t worry, this guide will be your friend! We’ll talk about different cameras, like round ones and long ones, and help you pick the perfect one for your house or store!

1. Dome Cameras


iGeniee Dome cameras get their name from their round, dome-shaped housing. They’re popular for both homes and businesses because they’re versatile and discreet. The dome design hides the direction the camera is pointing, keeping would-be intruders guessing.

Key Features:

  • See a wide area

Dome cameras can cover a large space, making them perfect for big indoor areas like shopping malls, offices, and homes.

  • Tough against trouble

Many dome cameras come in strong, tamper-proof cases to last longer and resist damage.

  • Indoor and sometimes outdoor

While most are meant for indoors, some dome cameras are built for outdoor weather conditions too.

Ideal Uses:

iGeniee Dome cameras are great for keeping an eye on big indoor places like lobbies, reception areas, stores, and hallways. Since they are weatherproof too; they can also be used outdoors.

2.Bullet Cameras


Bullet cameras are named for their long, tube-shaped design. They’re easy to see, unlike dome cameras. This is good because bad guys can see them and know they’re being watched! Bullet cameras are usually used outside because they can see far away.

Key Features:

  • See a long way:

Bullet cameras can see much farther than other types, making them perfect for outside where you need to watch a big area.

  • Built to last outside:

Most bullet cameras can handle rain, sun, and other things outside.

  • Scare bad guys away:

The clear shape of bullet cameras discourages criminals. They see the camera and might not cause trouble.

Ideal Uses:

Bullet cameras are great for watching things outside! They’re perfect for monitoring entrances, driveways, parking lots, and fences. Since they can see far, they’re ideal for keeping an eye on big outdoor areas.

3. PTZ Cameras: See Everything, Everywhere!


iGeniee PTZ cameras sound fancy, but they just mean you can control them from far away. These cameras can move left and right (pan), up and down (tilt), and zoom in and out. This lets you see a lot more and focus on specific areas.

Key Features:

  • You control them:

PTZ cameras are like robots you control with a remote. You can move them around and zoom in to see things closer.

  • See a lot at once:

Because they can move, PTZ cameras can cover a big area, like a whole parking lot!

  • Sharp pictures:

Many PTZ cameras take very clear pictures, even when zoomed in.

Ideal Uses:

  1. iGeniee PTZ cameras are great for watching big, open spaces outside, like parking lots, storage buildings, or big stores.
  2. iGeniee PTZ cameras are also useful if you need to follow something moving, like a car, or if you need to change where the camera is looking from far away.

    4. Wireless Cameras: No Yucky Wires!


Forget yucky wires! Wireless cameras are like regular cameras, but way cooler. Instead of needing wires to send their videos, they use something called wifi, just like your phone uses wifi to send pictures. This makes them super easy to set up almost anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Easy-peasy setup:

Even grown-ups who aren’t handy with tools can put these cameras up. No more tangled wires to trip over!

  • See from anywhere:

Want to know what’s happening at home even when you’re not there? Lots of wireless cameras let you see live video on your phone or computer, just like magic!

  • Flexible placement:

Because they don’t have pesky wires, you can put wireless cameras in all sorts of places.

Ideal Uses:

  • Indoors and outdoors:

Wireless cameras are great for both inside and outside your house.

  • Small businesses:

They’re also useful for small stores.

  • Rental properties:

Even places you borrow and lend out, like your friend’s treehouse, can benefit from wireless cameras.

  • Temporary needs:

They’re good if you only need a camera for a short time.

  • Tricky wiring:

If it’s hard to run wires in a specific spot, like maybe in your fort, a wireless camera is the perfect solution!

5. C-Mount Cameras: Like Super Cameras!


C-Mount cameras are special because they have lenses you can swap out! This means you can change the lens to see things differently, depending on what you need to watch.

Key Features:

  • Changing Lenses

C-Mount cameras are like super cameras because you can change the lens to see far away, see a wide area, or see really clearly.

  • Sharp Pictures

Many C-Mount cameras take very clear pictures, even when zoomed in.

  • Work in Lots of Places

Because you can change the lens, C-Mount cameras can be used in many different places.

Ideal Uses:

  • Big Places

C-Mount cameras are great for watching long hallways, big rooms, or even outside areas.

  • Special Needs

They’re also useful for grown-ups who need to watch over special places, like factories, bus stations, or big stores.

6. Day and Night Cameras: See Clearly All the Time!


Day and Night cameras are special because they can see clearly no matter how much light there is. Even when it’s dark outside, they can still take pictures! This makes them perfect for watching places all day and all night.

Key Features:

  • See in the Dark:

Day and Night cameras have special powers that let them see even when it’s dark outside. They take clear pictures, just like in the daytime!

  • Change Colors Automatically:

These cameras are smart! They can change how they take pictures depending on how much light there is. Sometimes they take pictures in color, and sometimes they take black and white pictures.

  • Work Inside and Outside:

Day and Night cameras can be used anywhere, even outside your house!

Ideal Uses:

  • Always Watching:

These cameras are great for watching places that need to be seen all the time, like parking lots, the outside of buildings, or anywhere where the light changes a lot.

  • Low Light Indoors:

They’re also useful for places inside your house that don’t have a lot of light.

7. Night Vision Cameras: See in the Dark!


Night vision cameras are like superhero cameras! They can see even when it’s completely dark outside. They use special lights, called infrared LEDs, that people can’t see, to light up the area and take pictures.

Key Features:

  • See in the Dark:

Night vision cameras have super vision! They can take clear pictures even when there’s no light at all.

  • Turn On Automatically:

These cameras are smart! They know when it gets dark and turn on their special lights automatically.

  • Built Tough:

Many night vision cameras can handle bad weather outside, like rain or snow.

Ideal Uses:

  • See at Night Outside:

Night vision cameras are great for watching places outside at night, like parking lots, driveways, or the outside of buildings.

  • Dark Places Inside:

They’re also useful for dark places inside your house, like big storage rooms.

8. Secret Cameras: Like a Tiny Spy!


Secret cameras are like tiny spies! They’re hidden and look like normal things, so nobody knows they’re there. This makes them good for watching places without anyone noticing.

Important Note:

Grown-ups should always talk to other grown-ups before using secret cameras. It’s not okay to use them on people who don’t know they’re being watched.

Key Features:

  • Hidden in Plain Sight:

Secret cameras are small and can be disguised as everyday things, like clocks or teddy bears!

  • Nobody Knows:

Because they’re hidden, nobody knows these cameras are there, making them perfect for watching places secretly.

  • Work in Lots of Places:

Secret cameras can be used in many different places, from homes to offices.

Ideal Uses (with Grown-up Permission):

  • * Keeping an Eye on Things:

With a grown-up’s permission, secret cameras can be used to watch your house or other places when you’re not there.

  • Maybe for Work:

Some grown-ups use secret cameras at work, but only with special rules.


It’s important to be honest and ask permission before using secret cameras on anyone.


Picking the right camera for the inside is easy. Imagine a round ball on the ceiling, like a lampshade. These are called dome cameras and they’re great indoors because they’re not too big and don’t look scary. They just fit right in!

On the other hand, a bullet camera is ideal for outdoor monitoring. If you require cameras that can zoom in, tilt, and track suspicious activities, a PTZ camera would be the best option for your apartment building or neighborhood. At iGeniee we provides a range of camera choices, so consider the size and location of your place, as well as the level of security you require. Making the right camera selection can greatly enhance safety for everyone.

Visit iGeniee’s website or get in touch with our team or visit our office in Chandigharh. to learn more about choosing the best CCTV camera and to discover their security products. Keep your home or business safe and secure with iGeniee’s trustworthy CCTV camera options.

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