The Best Places to Install CCTV Cameras in Your Chandigarh Home

Security has become an increasingly important issue for residents in various locations, including the picturesque city of Chandigarh. Known for its modern urban lifestyle, Chandigarh presents a unique blend of urban conveniences and safety concerns. One of the top solutions to bolster home security in Chandigarh is by incorporating iGeniee CCTV cameras. These iGeniee cameras are known for their effectiveness in monitoring and deterring potential threats, but their placement is crucial for optimal performance.

You Must Need to Know The Best Places to Install CCTV Cameras in Your Chandigarh Home

1. Main Entrance

Importance of Main Entrance Surveillance

The main entrance of your home is the most critical point of access, it is the primary entry and exit point for all visitors, including potential intruders. Having an iGeniee CCTV camera here ensures that you have a clear record of everyone who enters and exits your home.

Placement Tips

  • Camera Height: 

Place the camera at a height of about 7-8 feet. This height is ideal as it captures clear images of faces without being easily tampered with.

  • Angle: 

Position the iGeniee camera to cover the front door and any surrounding areas such as the porch or front yard. This ensures a comprehensive view of the entrance.

  • Visibility: 

Consider using a visible camera to deter potential intruders. The mere sight of a camera can discourage criminal activities.

 2. Backyard and Side Entrances

Importance of Secondary Entrances

Keeping your house safe is like building the best fort ever!  You need to make sure all the walls and doors are strong, so nobody sneaky can get in.

The big door you usually use is the front door, and it’s super important to keep it safe with a strong lock. But houses have other doors too, kind of like secret doors!  These are called back doors or side doors, and they’re usually on the back or side of the house.

Sometimes grown-ups might forget about these secret doors, but they’re important too!  Just like a bad guy in a movie might try to sneak into a castle through a hidden passage, a bad guy might try to come in through a back door because they think nobody is watching.

So, to make your house the strongest fort ever, grown-ups need to make sure all the doors are safe, not just the front one. They can do this by checking the locks and making sure they’re strong.  Sometimes they might even put up special cameras near the back doors, like little fort guards, to keep an eye out for anyone sneaky!

The next time you see a grown-up checking the locks on a back door, you’ll know they’re just being extra careful to keep your fort safe from sneaky bad guys!

Placement Tips

  • Multiple Cameras

If you have multiple secondary entrances, consider installing a camera at each one. This ensures no blind spots.

  • Lighting: 

Ensure these areas are well-lit. Many CCTV cameras come with night vision capabilities, but good lighting enhances the quality of footage that is available with iGeniee CCTV cameras.

  • High Coverage: 

Position the cameras to cover the door and the surrounding area, including any gates or paths leading to the entrance.

3. Driveway

Importance of Driveway Surveillance

Your driveway is another critical area that needs surveillance. This is where vehicles are parked, and it’s a common entry point for both homeowners and intruders.

Placement Tips

  • Wide-Angle Cameras: 

Use cameras with a wide-angle lens to cover the entire driveway that is available in iGeniee CCTV cameras. This helps capture any movement or activities within the area.

  • Height and Angle: 

Install the camera at a height where it can capture both vehicles and individuals clearly. An angle that covers the driveway entrance and the parking area is ideal.

  • License Plate Recognition: 

If possible, use a camera with high resolution to capture license plate numbers that is available with iGeniee. This can be invaluable in case of theft or other incidents involving vehicles.

4. Garage

Importance of Garage Surveillance

Your garage is like a special room for your car and toys!  It’s important to keep it safe because you keep a lot of cool stuff in there, like your bike and maybe even grown-up tools.

Sometimes, bad guys might try to sneak into your house through the garage door, kind of like going through the back gate.  To stop this, grown-ups can put up a special camera in the garage, like a little spy!

This camera keeps an eye on everything in the garage, so if someone sneaky tries to come in, the grown-up can see them and scare them away. It’s like having an extra friend watching over your cool stuff!  And with the camera there, grown-ups can feel calmer knowing they can catch anyone who tries to be sneaky.

Placement Tips

  • Inside and Outside: 

Consider installing cameras both inside and outside the garage. The exterior camera monitors the approach to the garage, while the interior camera covers the contents and any potential entry points into the home.

  • Motion Detection: 

Use iGeniee cameras with motion detection to alert you of any unexpected movements. This can help prevent theft and unauthorized access.

5. Living Room

Importance of Indoor Surveillance

Indoor cameras are like grown-up babysitters for your house!  They can’t play games with you, but they can help keep an eye on things inside.

Places where people come and go a lot, like the front door, hallways, and stairs, are good spots for iGeniee cameras. This way, grown-ups can see who comes in and out, and make sure nobody sneaky tries to wander around your house.

Putting cameras in these important places makes your whole house feel extra safe, kind of like having a super fort with guards at all the entrances!  Then grown-ups can relax a bit more knowing they have a little helper keeping an eye on things.

Placement Tips

  • Discreet Placement: 

Place the camera in a discreet location where it covers the entire room without being too obvious. Common spots include bookshelves or mounted on a wall.

  • Entry Points: 

Ensure the camera covers all entry points into the living room, such as doors and windows. This helps in monitoring movements within the house.

  • Child and Elderly Monitoring: 

If you have children or elderly family members, iGeniee indoor cameras can help you keep an eye on them for safety and well-being.

6. Hallways and Staircases

Importance of Transitional Areas

Hallways and staircases are key transitional areas within your home. Monitoring these spaces ensures that you capture movement between different rooms and levels of your house.

Placement Tips

  • Wide Coverage: 

Use cameras that can cover long hallways or large staircases. A single camera with a wide field of view is often sufficient.

  • Height: 

Place iGeniee cameras at a higher point to avoid tampering and to get a better overview of the area.

  • Motion Sensors: 

iGeniee Cameras with motion sensors can be particularly effective in these areas, alerting you to any movement in real-time.

7. Perimeter and Fencing

Importance of Perimeter Security

Imagine your house is like a giant fort! To keep it safe from bad guys, you need to build strong walls around it first.  This is called the perimeter, and it’s like the first line of defense for your fort.

There are two ways to make the walls strong:

  • Physical Stuff: 

Grown-ups can build a tall fence around the house, like a fort wall.  They can also put a lock on the gate, so only people you know can get in.

  • See-through Guards: 

Sometimes grown-ups put up special cameras around the house too.  These are like see-through guards who can keep an eye on everything outside.

The more walls and guards you have, the harder it is for bad guys to get into your fort!  Grown-ups should also check the walls and guards regularly to make sure they’re still strong.  This way, your house fort will always be super safe!

Placement Tips

  • Weatherproof Cameras: 

Use iGeniee weatherproof cameras that can withstand outdoor conditions such as rain, dust, and heat. This ensures consistent performance.

  • Strategic Angles: 

Position cameras to cover the entire perimeter without leaving blind spots. This might require multiple cameras depending on the size of your property.

  • Night Vision: 

Ensure that the cameras have night vision capabilities to monitor the perimeter effectively during nighttime.

8. Windows

Importance of Window Surveillance

Windows are like the eyes of your house! They let light and fresh air in, but they also need to be strong to keep bad guys out.

Just like a broken toy isn’t much fun to play with, a broken window is easy for someone to climb through.  That’s why it’s important to tell a grown-up right away if a window gets cracked or damaged.  They can fix it up quickly, so it’s strong again and nobody sneaky can get in.

Grown-ups also need to keep an eye on the windows regularly, just like you check your toys to make sure they’re not broken.  This way, they can catch any small problems before they become big ones.  By keeping the windows strong and fixed, you’re helping to make your whole house extra safe and secure!

Placement Tips

Exterior Cameras: Place cameras outside the home to monitor the windows from the outside. This helps in capturing anyone attempting to gain entry through a window.

  • Interior Cameras: 

iGeniee Interior cameras can also be placed to cover windows from the inside, providing another layer of surveillance.

  • Visibility: 

Ensure that the iGeniee cameras are placed in a way that captures clear images without obstructions.

9. Common Areas and Playgrounds

Importance of Monitoring Shared Spaces

If you live in a gated community or an apartment complex, monitoring common areas like playgrounds, swimming pools, and community halls is essential for overall security.

Placement Tips

  • Central Location: 

Place cameras in a central location where they can cover the entire area. This might require multiple cameras for larger spaces.

  • Child Safety: 

Ensure that playgrounds and other areas where children frequently play are well-covered. This provides peace of mind for parents and enhances overall safety.

  • Community Guidelines: 

Work with your residential community to ensure that the placement of cameras adheres to community guidelines and privacy laws.

10. Home Office

Importance of Home Office Security

More and more grown-ups are working from home now! This means they have special workspaces in their houses, kind of like mini offices.  These workspaces might have important things like computers and papers with grown-up secrets on them.

Just like you wouldn’t want someone to take your favorite toy, grown-ups don’t want someone to take their work stuff or look at their secrets.  So, it’s important to keep their home office safe!

There are a few ways grown-ups can do this:

  • Strong Passwords: 

Grown-ups can use special codes, like super strong passwords, to keep their computers safe.

  • Keeping Things Safe: 

Important papers and computers can be locked away in drawers or cabinets, so nobody can see them.

  • Being Careful Online: 

Grown-ups need to be extra careful when using the internet at home, just like you are when you play games online.

By following these tips, grown-ups can keep their home offices safe and make sure their work stuff stays secret!

Placement Tips

  • Discreet Cameras: 

Place iGeniee cameras in a way that they are not intrusive but still provide a clear view of the entire office.

  • Cover Entry Points: 

Ensure that all entry points to the home office are covered, including doors and windows.

  • Equipment Monitoring: 

Position the iGeniee cameras to monitor valuable equipment like computers, printers, and other office tools.

Additional Tips for Effective CCTV Camera Installation

  • Regular Maintenance

  • Routine Checks: 

Regularly check your iGeniee cameras to ensure they are functioning correctly. It is recommended to look for any signs of damage or obstruction.

  • Software Updates: 

Keep the iGeniee camera software and recording devices up-to-date to ensure optimal performance and security features.

  • Cleaning: 

Clean the iGeniee camera lenses periodically to maintain clear image quality.

  • Privacy Considerations

  • Respect Neighbors: 

Ensure that your iGeniee cameras are not infringing on your neighbors’ privacy. Cameras should focus on your property and common areas only.

  • Legal Compliance: 

Be aware of and comply with local laws regarding CCTV installation and privacy. Inform visitors that they are being recorded, if required.

  •  Remote Access

  • Mobile Apps: 

Many modern CCTV systems offer mobile apps that allow you to monitor your home from anywhere. Set up these apps for real-time alerts and remote access.

  • Cloud Storage: 

Consider using cloud storage for your CCTV footage. This ensures that you have access to recordings even if the physical recording device is damaged or stolen.

  •  Professional Installation

While DIY installation can be cost-effective, professional installation ensures that your cameras are optimally placed and functioning correctly. Professionals can also provide valuable advice on the best equipment and setup for your specific needs.


Installing CCTV cameras in your Chandigarh home is a proactive step towards ensuring the safety and security of your family and property. By strategically placing cameras at key locations such as the main entrance, backyard, driveway, garage, living room, hallways, windows, and perimeter, you can create a comprehensive surveillance system that deters crime, monitors activity, and provides valuable evidence if needed.

Remember, the effectiveness of your CCTV system depends not only on the quality of the cameras but also on their placement and maintenance. Whether you choose to install the cameras yourself or hire professionals, understanding the best practices for CCTV placement will help you achieve optimal security and peace of mind.

For residents of Chandigarh looking to enhance their home security, iGeniee offers expert advice and professional CCTV camera installation services in Chandigarh. With their help, you can ensure that your home is well-protected, providing you with the safety and peace of mind you deserve. Contact iGeniee today to learn more about their security solutions and how they can help secure your home.

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