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iGeniee provides you intelligent, tech-driven home automation solutions, meticulously designed to offer you an effortless experience. With our affordable, responsive technology and services, we bring to you an unparalleled sense of control, comfort and security.

We also provide corporate security and surveillance systems designed around today’s leading technologies. Our understanding of networks and IT systems enable us to integrate physical security solutions into this infrastructure.

Our IP based security solutions are designed to add value to your existing IT infrastructure.Traditional security companies don’t always understand IT technologies and the impact of deploying IP based systems into an infrastructure that is not designed for it. iGeniee has the knowledge base to do it right the first time and has a track record to prove it.

Whether you need to add an indoor camera to your existing analog system or want an integrated IP based surveillance and card access system, iGeniee has the experience and industry knowledge to do it right.

Key Features

  1. 1
    Switch Control

    Impress your guests with a single touch that dims the lights and fans according to your wish. Now you have the freedom, flexibility and convenience to change a mood or create a different ambience in one touch—or even automatically. You can schedule your water motor such that it takes care of the constant water supply itself.

  2. 2

    We provide you with full remote control of all your light systems. The controllers allow light modules in rooms to come alive in tune like a grand orchestra. Small and compact dimmer modules that set optimum brightness levels in rooms, help reduce eye strain as well as cut down on energy bills.

  3. 3

    Have you been complaining about uncomfortable fan speeds not letting you sleep well?That will be a thing of the past when you will be able to control all the fans, without having to walk over to the regulator board.
    Fan speeds can be controlled using a simple easy-to-use interface.

  4. 4

    Open the window blinds on a bright morning or close the curtains for a quick afternoon nap,right from the comfort of your beds.You can create the perfect ambience, by controlling our motorized blinds. Be in control of thevisual and thermal comfort of your rooms, effortlessly.

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    Our world class security systems let you see who is at your door, through live camera feeds on a smart phone or tablet whenever required.Moreover, you can view video footage of past seven days, thus identifying and preventing

  6. 6

    Smart Energy monitoring and energy management system measures energy usage in real-time, enabling users to reduce consumption and conserve
    resources. It monitors every aspect of energy consumption from appliances to lightning, and allows users to respond to usage remotely. It then takes steps to cut down on your electricity bills.

    For large commericial hotel establishments, it would make sense to try and cut down on energy usage, which would further translate to huge savings if you can do this for every room.

    You can also understand long term energy usage through comprehensive yet simple graphs displayed by our intuitive web based and mobile app.

Home Automation Packages

  • 2 BHK Home Automation Equipment and Setup Cost
  • 99000
  • Kit Includes:
  • 15 Normal Load Appliances
  • 3 Heavy Load Appliances
  • Free Inspection & Installation
  • 1 Yr Replacement Guarantee
  • 90 Min. Installation
  • 3 BHK Home Automation Equipment and setup cost
  • 1,20000
  • Kit Includes:
  • 21 Normal Load Appliances
  • 4 Heavy Load Appliances
  • Free Inspection & Installation
  • 1 Yr Replacement Guarantee
  • 120 Min. Installation 
  • 4 BHK Home Automation Equipment and Setup Cost
  • 1,50000
  • Kit Includes:
  • 27 Normal Load Appliances
  • 4 Heavy Load Appliances
  • Free Inspection & Installation
  • 1 Yr Replacement Guarantee
  • 150 Min. Installation

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